Best Internet Service in Bangladesh - Doze is now Carnival Internet
Carnival AUG, 2018
How Nationwide designs for cooperation and partnerships

Your Doze is now Carnival!


Thank you for your friendship. We cherish every memory – good or bad – we created together over the network of Doze. We have always tried to the best of our abilities to deliver you and your greater family the peace of mind and the joy of being connected to each other and the world. We tried to listen to you and be there just beside when you needed us.


And in the process, we understood one thing – you surround everything around you with your zeal and passion, that make up the bigger part of your family and work. While a strong internet network connects you to all those passion points in life, it’s important to get them closer to you, so that you can realize life’s full potential.


From that keen sense, we have transformed a mere internet brand Doze to a whole new lifestyle brand Carnival. Along with great internet, we have added some avenues to add to the better, healthier and wider life that you lead. What we have added to Carnival are…

1. Carnival Brand : A fresh new look and feel of your trusted internet service.
2. Internet Packages : Three new packages to make sure – you look no further.
3. Carnival Lounge : A bouquet of lifestyle offerings for yourself, your family and all those you care for.


Please visit to find what we have in store for you, and how we are trying to become a closer friend for you and your family.


We have many more surprises for you. This will surely cherish you in coming days.


Your friend,
Team Carnival


Highway Homes - Ground Floor KA-32/6, Shahjadpur, Pragoti Sharoni, Gulshan, Dhaka – 1212