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Audra Wellness

Our loved ones, our family, our professional workplace, all are surrounded by many digital evils, and these aspects are slowly but inexorably taking control of our lives, our privacy, and our productivity. Addiction to devices, exposure to inappropriate content, rise in behavioral issues among children at home, loss of productivity at business, cyber attacks and data privacy breach - sometimes we fail to even recognize the dangers lurking around the corner. This heightens our levels of anxiety and puts the digital space beyond our control.

With the right solution, we should be able to make our internet listen to us, and control the digital footprint of our dear ones. We should also be able to protect our workplace from undesirable digital attacks, thus increasing productivity and achieving the Audra Wellness!


Internet of Things - Lifestyle of the Future

IOT is making our home lives more productive, ergonomic and allowing us to manage our time more efficiently. Our houses are now being turned into smart homes, creating more savings on energy, water and gas by monitoring our usage and habits. Household white goods now have a mind of their own. But being connected to the Internet, these devices are also vulnerable to attacks and data privacy issues. Audra provides adequate security and secure connectivity for your major IOT devices.


Malware and DDoS secure – ensuring your privacy

We have multiple connected devices at our home and workplace, operating simultaneously for various purposes. We do our banking, access privileged information, enter our data, send queries to various platforms, and do multiple activities that enhance our Digital footprint across the universe. Unfortunately, this also makes us vulnerable to various kinds of intrusion and attacks. Our data privacy is in danger, our daily operations can be disrupted, and hostile malware can even cause major financial losses to those who are unaware.

Audra ensures that you, your home and your workplace are seamlessly protected against dangers such as malware, phishing, spyware, and DDoS attacks that can’t event be identified by the user. Audra ensures that your digital life goes on safe and uninterrupted.