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About 2cups

Life is not about being so regular. Sometimes we aspire to take a break from our regular life and be lost somewhere. Some of us might fantasize about a parallel world where we can meet unknown people and talk with them. Isn’t that exciting? Talk with someone anonymous and hear his/her innermost stories, share your stories as well by hiding your identity and be truly yourself.

2Cups brings right what you desire. It brings thousands of anonymous users at your fingertips. You can listen to their voice status and talk to them without sharing your identity.

Explore the parallel world


100% Anonymous /

Ensured anonymity, other users won’t be able to see your phone number.

Mood Avatar/

Instead of profile picture, you can have your mood avatars to express your mood.


Stickers, Emoticons and file or picture sharing over IM. Totally one to one.

/Voice Status

Record your voice profile status to attract new people.


Instantly block and report
to deal with unwanted or irritating users

/IM & Voice Call

Send instant messages or make call (app to app)


Take a peak at all the 2cups screenshots.

5000 +


80 +


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Currently we offer android version of 2Cups.

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